Rambling the thoughts

The world is too much sometime

Political Dumpster Fire

Dealing with life. A personal journey

Just a glipse of what I go through everyday


Who am I

The Good, The Bad, The Internet's WebRTC

WebRTC, why you should be concerned, yet secure.

Everything is Broken. How the hackers hack

Taking hack the planet to another level.

America: Frustration and Facts in 2024

What's really making America a shitty country.

Russians, Iran, North Korea... Oh my

Putting the puzzles together

Diplomatic Challenges; Detentions, Global Peace. Russia/USA

We can work together and build relations with anyone.

Reforming the system.

How can we fix something that's broken from within?

I took money that wasn't mine

I feel guilty

Finding My Voice: Brain Injury and ChatGPT

I want to show the difference for others to see.

Decoding the Brain and Exploring the Parallels with Computers

Does the brain really act like a computer?

The truth about stealing. I've done it.

Being honest has helped me grow in so many ways.

Female prophets. When they open your eyes

Tori Amos -Talula

Hope for New Global Order: Xi Jinping and Biden meeting that could change everything

All countries should be involved

Blockchain Security: Strategies Against Sybil Attacks

Sybil attacks plaguing the blockchain

Floating City -Tori Amos

A song

Demand for Immediate Hostage Release and Peace Talks

Redemption and clean slates

Enhancing Security through Military Contracts and Technological Innovation

A dive into North Carolina and what we can do

The Holy Land, Violence, and Unity: A CRY for Peace and Accountability


Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Plea for Humanity Amidst the Chaos

Calls for peace. Two party state? Yes

Gog and Magog Reimagined: Unveiling Parables for the Modern Age through Elon Musk's Journey

Another parable

Facebook, Twitter, and BlueSky—Elon's Drama vs. Chill Vibes

My experience and opinion on the 3 main social media outlets

Money Talks: Let's Plan Together, World Leaders

Russia, China.. and USA. Lets work together.

Chameleon Hackers: Showcasing the Shapeshifting World

A Look at hacking groups

Unveiling China's Tech Triumphs and Financial Complexities

Navigating the Shadows

Safeguarding Privacy and Building Trust

The Digital Ethos

SpaceX Musk's Decision Dilemma

Analyzing the Role of Private Entities in Geopolitics

Navigating the Era of AI Regulations are at center stage

Why is it important for Al to have Regulations?

Cyber Threats, MGM Resorts' Security Saga

Threats are everywhere even in rewards

Geopolitical Chess, North Korea-Russia agreement


The Universal Blockchain Banking System

Vision of a Universal Blockchain Banking System

A Unified Global Platform for a Connected World

Revolutionizing Social Media. We can use the blockchain for anything

Blockchain-Enabled Direct Democracy for a Fairer World

A World Wide voting system