Russians, Iran, North Korea... Oh my

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The focal point is Putin and a recent drone attack, where he alleges that Ukraine blew up a plane carrying Ukrainian POWs. In that specific region, numerous attacks have occurred from the Ukrainian side during this war. The typical protocol for Russia notifying about the transportation of POWs were not followed, although there was a scheduled exchange for that day, it was halted due to the drone striking the plane.

Conflicting narratives have surfaced. Ukraine has neither confirmed nor denied involvement, necessitating an investigation that could never occurred as the crash site was quickly cleared. The situation appears suspicious to me. If Ukraine is responsible, evidence should be visible to the UN and other sources. If Putin is truthful, showcasing the wreckage and victims should be straightforward. However, none of this transpired, fueling skepticism and distrust both within Russia and beyond. The credibility of Russia's statements is now in question.

In this war, as noted in my previous posts, I have advocated for collaboration between Russia and the USA. Looking at the Ukrainian people, who also have a right to land. Putin's actions parallel Netenyahoo's, and I've previously criticized Putin's hypocrisy on this topic. I am frustrated with Putin at this point.

In this case, Ukraine appears innocent, while Russia seems to have caused harm to avoid further POW exchanges. I believe Putin was opposed to the exchanges all along, as insider sources indicate. Consider the possibility that Putin orchestrated the killing of his people or Ukrainian POWs to frame Ukraine for crimes. Given the severe challenges Putin has faced and Russia's tarnished image in the current global context, I no longer believe Putin is the right choice. It makes me sad to say it

Entering North Korea, I've observed Kim's preference for privacy, perhaps inherited from his Japanese mother. Trump and Kim found a connection, as Trump provided the international recognition Kim sought. They basically spoke the same language.

Engaging with Kim requires an attempt, the idea here should be unity. It seems this world is seemingly inclined towards conflict for attention, this isn't working. Bombs and murderers just make more war. Am I the only one who sees the endless cycle?

Let's talk about Kim's fascination with space and the future. There's a door, knock. Trading discussions, what does North Korea need or want?

Extending an invitation to the U.S. for cultural exchanges, meals, and meetings becomes is a great gesture. A personal approach for talks even if Kim says no is the step in the right direction.

Iran's President Raisi has stated that Iran seeks no military conflict but will respond robustly to threats. The recent U.S. airstrikes in Syria and Iraq were in retaliation for a drone attack that killed U.S. military personnel. Raisi emphasized Iran's military strength and regional power while expressing openness to diplomatic resolutions.

Highlighting the group responsible for the attack and showing that it does not represent the Iranian people is important here. This group, linked to the Islamic State, poses a threat. Iran needs to disassociate itself from such groups and take decisive action against them. Iran could help eliminate this threat to gain regional stability. Do they commit to peace?

I tend to trust Iran's statements as I've observed reports detailing the emergence of a group within Iran with affiliations to the Islamic State, advocating strongly for Sharia laws. This group has followers in Iran and is actively involved in the country's political landscape. They have been running for positions within the government for a while now. Instead of being condemned, they are vying for influence, aiming to impose their beliefs and politics on the nation.

There are internal challenges faced by the U.S., highlighting Trump and the events of January 6th, is the same as the Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan.

Think about Putin's actions to increase power and sow distrust in other countries. The situation also echoes aspects of North Korea, where one person's ideas may not align with the people's interests. There are a lot of issue's that should be tackled and parallels that should be made.