Hope for New Global Order: Xi Jinping and Biden meeting that could change everything

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China's leader, Xi Jinping, is currently meeting with President Biden this month. This presents the perfect opportunity for finding common ground. Teamwork, even when opinions differ, is necessary for the betterment and well-being of the people they lead.

China is positioned in an interesting way having established connections with the Middle East, Israel and Africa. This WILL help Africa's growth and prosperity but can help foster better relations with Israel. China can also help other nations come in and help Palestine and Israel. They can be one key force out of many that can make peace possible. China's engagement with Israel puts them in a good spot. The issue with the USA is they have made many nations mad. The USA needs to keep this in mind. We cannot grow unless we get all nations on board.

Ukraine's offensive against Russia shifted things. Both sides should recognize this stalemate as an opportunity for diplomatic resolution. We could have peace talks. The thing is, we are not going to all agree. That is okay if we don't, what we can do is listen to the status quo. Listen to the people in the streets, listen to their votes. (This is why a direct Democracy is important for us to continue to evolve).

I know the US military is cautious about confronting China in the Pacific, China should never be underestimated. There is a mutual fear here. Not just China and the USA, but many other nations fear a war. We fear a war with Russia as Russia fears a war with the USA. So let's think about this for a moment, if we are all in fear of war, why not all sit down and break bread and show respect to resolve these fears?

We don't have to agree, and we don't even have to like each other, but in the end, we all need each other. We need a new global order and all countries can add to this. We know throughout history empires fell and people were displaced and treated as if they were subhuman based on things like race, religion and belief. We have grown as a race, as the human race and it's time to prove this. This is not something that will happen overnight, but it is something we can push for. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to travel to China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Israel, Africa and many other places without some border and hoards of paperwork?

I want to eat food from all these places. Don't you? Wouldn't you love to learn all the cultures of the world and trace back the history of the human race? The only way to do this is a New Global Order.

I want to go ghost hunting in the oldest places on earth, freely. (:


One-China Policy works in the favor of independent states, which isn't a bad thing but the idea is to have all nations fall under the same laws and regulations. Why are our laws different? Why does each country have differing regulations?

If we all worked on the same level we'd have far less conflict and human suffering. Are you ready for an open world? Do you care about people from all corners of the world? Does the people's voice matter to you? Are you above greed and control? It's a lot to take but it is time for change and the world is ready. Just listen to the people.

A new global order is essential, with all countries adding something. Historical injustices based on race, religion, and belief should be surpassed, and humanity's growth as a race must be acknowledged. Although not an overnight change, pushing for a New Global Order would allow people to travel freely, experience diverse cultures, and trace the history of the human race.

The people are screaming.
All that's needed is for world leaders to listen to the people.

Imagine being the kid everyone makes fun of, and laughs at. Imagine being the kid that no matter what you can't make or keep friends because of some rumours or something you have no control of. I look at it from the perspective of that kid, because I was that kid. My sadness and loneliness have pushed me in this world to treat people better and notice injustices.

Some power houses that can make this change happen. The America's, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Africa, India and many more nations. They can work together for the betterment of humanity. We need it. I'm not on any team except Team Earth, I don't see borders, colours or religions. I see Humans.