The truth about stealing. I've done it.

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The struggles people face in this world often lead some to resort to stealing or other crimes. Acknowledging that stealing can be driven by a range of factors, including economic hardship to mental health issues. In some cases, it becomes a compulsion or a means to feed oneself or others. I'll admit, I've stolen before.

I'm gonna be real.

Personally, I'm more inclined to take from big corporations profiting off slave labour than from individuals. Some may consider this a horrible act, but they've likely never experienced true hardships. It wasn't a compulsion for me; it was a matter of survival. One example; I required cleaning supplies and lacked access to hot water. I needed essentials like toothpaste and food, but with only $10 at my disposal for everything. So, I stole from Walmart.

I could have gone without toothpaste, but it would result in dental issues, potentially hindering my chances of receiving help if I'm not clean (And yes people judge you about that too, even make fun of you). A dirty home would make me feel unclean. When all the resources I've reached out for and continually being turned down, it's a stressful situation. Most people couldn't handle it.

So, yes, I'm not perfect (I wish I were), but I've had to steal. Sometimes, crimes aren't straightforward; they exist in shades of grey. Take into account their environment or their situations

Stealing from a person is a different matter. It's a moral line that I hesitate to cross. I tend to look at people as innocent and as humans. I don't see billion-dollar Walmart as a person.

Another thing that pisses me off is the imbalance in societal priorities. Throughout history, trillions have been spent on destruction like wars that always result in loss of life. Yet, little is spent to address the basic human needs of those who feel compelled to steal to survive. What is going on in the minds of the law and the rich? Do they even see this? I see them blaming this or that but never addressing the root cause. It often leads me to believe they want the crime so they can keep their criminal enterprise useful. Let's take a look at how crack was introduced to the American public? Thank you CIA for creating a crisis. Now we are fighting fentanyl and it's killing your job because so many over doses. I will be straight here, I think that's the reason law enforcement hate fentanyl, because it takes away from their job.. less criminals.. less work. People seem to be profit for the criminal justice system. That's just my unfiltered opinion. I do not have much faith in law enforcemnet because of personal experiences.

When people find themselves in dire need and beg for help, what choice are they left with? Society's treatment of the homeless, for example, highlights this reality, begging in the streets often leads to neglect and contempt rather than genuine assistance.

I don't condone stealing, but issues of poverty, lack of support, and the unequal distribution of resources are things that cause a lot of crime. I read in the major media and from commentary channels about crime is caused by this and that. The cause of crime is poverty.

Some people resort to selling drugs because they haven't been allowed to secure a job. Others turn to stealing. They haven't been as fortunate or privileged as some. Across countries worldwide, there are individuals living in tents and amidst dirt piles, washing themselves in toxic water or having no access to water at all.

Meanwhile, we silently allow our leaders to spend trillions towards destructive purposes like warfare.

I speak from the perspective of poor trash because that's where I came from. I'm aware that drug addiction and crime prevail in areas affected by poverty. The truth is that all these issues could be fixed, yet we choose not to address them. Are we so closed minded that we do not understand the connections here? Why are we as a whole closing our eyes to this topic?

The disparity between colossal budgets for destructive purposes and the absence of ample support for basic human needs is pretty disgusting.

My actions came from a basic need that wasn't fulfilled. I will always advocate for individuals who are left with no choice but to resort to actions they might otherwise regret. I am guilty of stealing and I regret it.

I feel truth empowers people to actually be better when addressed in proper ways. I also feel that being honest with one's actions showcases a want for change