The Holy Land, Violence, and Unity: A CRY for Peace and Accountability

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Before delving into this topic, I want to be as clear as possible. Individuals or groups advocating violence or seeking to harm others, particularly in the name of religion, must be condemned by all groups and all religions. These actions are acts of terror against a specific group or community; they are also contrary to peace and coexistence. When violence is used in the name of faith, it distorts the religious teachings it claims to represent, making that group appear as the wrongdoers. Are you a supporter of such actions?

In the Middle East, we witness countries facing frequent bombings and acts of violence, which are the result of shadowy extremist groups plotting destruction. These groups are so nefarious that they need not even be named, for their sole intent is to terrorize and harm innocent people and places. All religions and groups should condemn these groups together; I cannot stress this enough.

It's important to consider a side note: In cases like Russia's actions in Ukraine, the lines between who might be considered terrorists become blurry. If you engage in war games, you undoubtedly contribute to the problem. Lessons from history have slipped through the cracks, overshadowed by greed. The land belongs to the people. Keep in mind that there are more people than you. Increasing numbers of people are awakening to the belief that power rests with the people, while world leaders merely represent that power. The goal is freedom for all countries. We, the people of the world, are tired of your wars and your proxy wars. We suffer, and I believe you can hear us now. It would be a shame for us to have to get louder.

Countries do have a right to defend themselves, and if there is a need for defence, all countries should support that. It's about time for countries to take some accountability. Ask the Islamic countries why terrorists are intentionally killing innocent people. Israel and Hamas (Islamic State) share the blame. There's only one God, and you are not that.

To me, they manipulate people's gullibility and ignore the fact that people are more intelligent than they think.

##Holy Land##

The Holy Land is an area with historical and spiritual significance, it stands as a sacred beacon for the world's three major Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. This region which is Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt is filled with a rich heritage of faith, tradition, and history. For Christians, it holds the footsteps of Jesus Christ; for Muslims, it is the site of the Night Journey of the Prophet Muhammad; and for Jews, it is the Promised Land granted to the descendants of Abraham.

The Holy Land is not just a geographical location but a spiritual place that draws countless pilgrims and the faithful from across the globe. It symbolizes a unity of faith, traditions, and shared heritage, yet it is full of crumbled blown-up buildings and a place of so many deaths, mainly children. All in the name of what? Peace? Love? No, all in the name of greed and power.

When you take a step back and examine the stock markets during times of war, along with observing who benefits from the conflict, you'll encounter the war machine. They profit by trading innocent lives for money and power. Making us believe it's all in the name of three different religious doctrines and sometimes due to a lack of understanding the concept of God. Anyone who follows a faith or belief system that advocates for murder or causing harm to others should not be welcomed. Such actions run counter to the principles of all religions that universally emphasize the sanctity of innocent lives.

October 9th 2023
Major defence stocks saw a significant increase of billions in market capitalization on Monday, following the weekend attacks by Hamas against Israel. Now, Wall Street Traders and many analysts perceive it as an "opportunity for further growth". Meaning these companies are making money off death. They bet on the death people.

Holy Land or Money Land? The people's land for sure.

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It has come to my attention that they are using the Hamas-Israeli war and the lost children in trafficking rings and profiting off that trade as well. This has been fact-checked and confirms that trafficking is happening in palenstine\gaza\israel SOURCE


I took a lot of time in studying various religions, I'm not to the level of memorizing specific verses or rituals, but it allowed me to learn the universal themes and values that connect these belief systems.

The ancient wisdom of these religions can be distilled into a few common principles:
Love and Compassion, Justice and Fairness, Service and Charity
Forgiveness and Mercy, Respect for Life, Peace and Harmony.

In Judaism, the concept of "Tikkun Olam" calls for the repair of the world and emphasizes social justice and humanitarianism. Violence is not a means to achieve this end.

Christianity, which centres on the message of love and redemption, unequivocally condemns violence in the name of faith. The Sermon on the Mount, found in the Gospel of Matthew, promotes turning the other cheek and forgiveness.

Islam, which stems from the Arabic word for "peace," denounces violence against innocent people. The Quran explicitly forbids the taking of innocent lives (Quran 5:32).

Buddhism, Hinduism, Yogic Philosophy, Hinduism, Daoism, Confucianism Taoism, Wicca and many more share several philosophical, spiritual, and cultural connections, despite their distinct origins and practices.

If we can't get it together knowing the facts and listening to the people's voices. Then who cares if the earth no longer exists? World leaders need to listen to the people. Greater kings have fallen when they go against the people's wishes. I will not finger point or name names, but the fact of the matter is they know who they are. They need to get it together.