Diplomatic Challenges; Detentions, Global Peace. Russia/USA

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The detentions of Paul Whelan, Evan Gershkovich, Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, and many others Some Prisoners names in Russia have spotlighted the strained relations between Russia. Russia has a lot of "political prisoners" from around the world. Sergei Ryabkov, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, mentioned that issues related to media attention and perceived differences in negotiation approaches were causing difficulties in resolving the situation. Meanwhile, the United States was strongly advocating for the detainees' release. We need transparent discussions about exchanges and releases. We all know that Major media outlets spit out opinions above the truth a lot of the time. The Media keeps us divided on topics with sensationalism. It would be a blessing to see Biden and Putin meet, sit down and break bread, and talk without propaganda ruining relations. Let's see something happen. Give the people some hope, you both have the power to do that.

The Israel-Gaza conflict "seems" to be about territorial disputes and human suffering, just like the conflict with Russia-Ukraine. There are complexities and contradictions within this geopolitical chess game.

Putin's administration appears to sympathize with one group's cause while overlooking and allowing the suffering in another region, leading to questions about inconsistent support and selective compassion. I find this to be a big problem. Leaders should never be inconsistent, once this happens faith is lost, not just in the system but also within the leadership, the voting systems, law enforcement and even the military. This problem won't just stop in Russia but it will grow more and more like a virus. This virus will infect everyone. This is what I call the snowball effect, where the ball starts small and rolls down the hill, it packs more and more snow and gets bigger and bigger. Then BOOM, it slams into a house. The idea is the same. The more people who lose faith in their governments, and media the more people will rebel against the system. That means that the poor will eat the rich in the end.

I seek to avoid conflict, denouncing fighting as senseless and ultimately counterproductive. I advocate for a more evolved, peaceful approach, steering away from conflict-driven solutions. I also want complete transparency in all governments. We need to Recognise the imperfections in systems like NATO, the USA, and Russia as a whole for growth because no country or leader is faultless. It would be wise for all leaders to have this mindset.

Acknowledging imperfection encourages systems/leaders to strive for a better world. Improvement despite inherent flaws, recognizing the potential for progress even within imperfect circumstances.

Russia and the USA's territorial disputes present challenges, but these should not overshadow the urgent need for peaceful resolutions. We can be embracing non-violence and cooperation, it's our collective responsibility to avoid conflict and pursue solutions that uphold human dignity and peace. Can't we be fair here?

North Korea, is a whole can of worms by itself. I see an issue though, North Korea will likely thrive from weapons deals, but why can't the people do something else for work? This complexity requires a separate exploration to understand the unique dynamics and challenges surrounding North Korea's actions and intentions. I will hit on this topic later.

Imagine a worldwide collapse where your clout won't matter any longer. If we keep going the path we are going then that's exactly where we are headed as a whole world.

When we look at global relationships, Putin's been shaking hands, and striking deals. He's not just making friends; he's cozying up to NATO's friends—the USA's pals. Love him or hate him, Putin's a major player on the world stage. I don't always agree with how Russia handles things. I've also got issues with American, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Israeli and many other countries' policies too. In this, I don't want to look at anyone as being the "boogyman". My goal is to get everyone to get along.

The whole global conflict scene seems to revolve around one- upping each other— who's got the biggest weapons, the most money, or the most friends. It's just a dick-measuring contest. It's a clout game instead of focusing on what matters: real merit. And guess who pays for it? We do, through taxes that fund luxurious lives for these leaders. Sure, we can crack a joke, but when it affects real people, it's time to get serious.

Here's what pisses me off—Putin's got these political prisoners in Russia. Trump's situation looks like a political witch-hunt to some. What's baffling is Putin slamming such actions globally while allowing them in his backyard.

Give credit where it's due—Putin's sharp as a tack. He's a force to reckon with, just like any other leader, including Kim in North Korea. But their influence needs to be about making the world a better place, given its diversity. All nations deserve a vote, even if we don't agree. Why haven't we set up a global voting system yet? It's about time we heard everyone's voice on worldwide decisions. These things provoke some thought. Let's consider this analogy: sometimes, in a workplace, you might not personally like all your co-workers, but you come together for the sake of the company's betterment. Apply this to our planet as the 'company' and the world leaders as the 'bosses.' Wouldn't it be logical for them to work together for the greater good?

If all we're after is power games and making innocents suffer for egos, then why not just blow it all up? Killing every single living organism on earth. Who cares, right? I still do, we need a world fueled by kindness and responsibility, not by ego-driven conflicts. Can we have it, world leaders?